Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Mentoring my Rhythmbox Google SoC

On 08/05/06, Lionel Dricot <zeploum gmail com> wrote:
Dear developpers,

I'm  thinking for years now about an intelligent queuing system in a player.
I think that this SoC is a great occasion. I submitted the following
application :

After the application, I'm now looking for a mentor. As a Gnome fan
for a long time now, I also see this SoC as an opportunity to "dive"
into the GNOME code and start real contributions.

So, if any of you would like to mentor me, it would be greatly appreciated.

Also keep in mind that, until tonight, I can still submit another
proposal. So don't hesitate to make suggestions about my proposal.

Thanks for reading and for your future comments (even if they are bad,
I've a lot of things to learn...)

Lionel (mostly known as Ploum)

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Hi Lionel,
I know this probably much use to you in the context of the SoC, but it might be easier to consider  getting IMMS ( ) working with Rhythmbox. It's probably even easier now that Rhythmbox has a plugin system. I used to use this a lot with Xmms and liked it a lot. If I was a programmer, I'd help out myself, but I'm more than willing to offer my services for testing.


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