Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Why I'll Probably Always Use amaroK

> 1) (Most Important) amaroK is a very attractive program. They have good
> digital artists and a photographer working for them, if you check out
> the website, you'll see what I mean.

I couldn't disagree more with you. Amarok looks to me very much like
an old KDE program to me with many colours and round things here and
there. In an Gnome user group, that's a bad thing =)

Discussing UI is always difficulty, as there even exist people that
don't like the iPod look (me =)).

Amarok is more of a stand-alone program like Real Player and not meant
to fit into a desktop environment like Rhythmbox intends to by using

No doubt a MUST for me is that the player in questions uses GTK+ so it
can be themed according to the rest of the desktop.

I think it is great that you like Amarok, and that is what Open Source
is all about. Freedom to choose =)

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