[Rhythmbox-devel] Approaching a 1.0 release?

First off, great work.

I've been using RB since Ubuntu 5.04, and although I did switch to
Banshee, RB 0.9.4 brought me right back.  I'm currently using the
preview of 0.9.5, and it is awesome.

So, I was wondering what the timeframe on a version 1.0 is? RB seems
very feature complete and stable, but when is it enough for a 1.0
release?  Personally, I think the devs should aim to have 0.9.5 to be
the last in the 0.9.x series, and after hammering out some bugs, shoot
for a 1.0.x release before Ubuntu 6.10 comes out, as it's pretty much
certain that Ubuntu will continue to use RB as its default music player.


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