Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Podcast urls that have redirection fail (hack patch included)

>>>>> "CO" == Chas Owens  writes:

CO> Podcasts that have redirection in their content urls (most notably
CO> those that use for advertising/statistics) fail to
CO> download correctly.  This appears to either be an issue with
CO> gnome-vfs or with how rhythmbox uses gnome-vfs.  I haven't had
CO> time to look at the real problem yet, but I have thrown together a
CO> quick hack that lets me download my podcasts.  Basically I am
CO> working from the assumption that when there is redirection the url
CO> will look like this

Since you posted the patch to it, I guess you already know about this
open bug:

I am posting it here so that folks searching the mailing list archives
will find the link to the bug.


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