[Rhythmbox-devel] Recent UI regressions


I have just upgraded to Rhythmbox 0.9.2 and have noticed the new
interface above the library.

It seems that there's been a series of regressions:

- The play button doesn't behave like play buttons do in other media
  applications.  The old behaviour of switching to "pause" seems to be

- The title and time slider are now below the toolbar, which means
  there's this huge waste of space.

- Repeat and shuffle have become buttons.  This is weird, because they
  do not perform actions; they represent state.

- The song slider now looks divorced from the digital time.

- There are too many options in the View menu.

The following improvements are very nice:

- Menu commands for everything

- An interface that doesn't change positions on hitting play.

Let's work to make Rhythmbox more usable, not less.

Happy hacking,
Simon Law                                 http://www.law.yi.org/~sfllaw/

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