Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Rhythmbox and our new MP3 plugin

Hi everyone,

> Out of curiosity, there are still going to be problems with using those
> plugins in conjunction with GPL'd plugins (or plugins that use
> GPL-licensed libraries) right? e.g. you couldn't use the mad plugin with
> any of these.
This is correct, shipping GPL plugins together with non-GPL compatible ones 
will be a problem. (Which is why we have put so much effort in making
sure almost all the GStreamer plugins are LGPL or more permissive these

Of the remaining GPL ones I think MAD, FAAD and the DVD ones are the
ones people care about. That said I think those distro's choosing to
ship our plugin wouldn't ship these plugins anyway due to legal reasons.

> I think it would also mean what Rhythmbox is GPL-incompatable, which
> would mean that we can no longer use anything GPL'd.

Correct, but you could use code from other projects with this exception
of course, or write the author in question and ask for permission when
you take the code. Another option is going for the LGPL for RB, making
sure you can at least take code freely from LGPL projects.


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