[Rhythmbox-devel] Re: Installation and plugins comments.

>>>>> "JD" == Joel Duggan  writes:


JD> Problem 2: I then started the process of download, run 'rpm -i
JD> --test blah.rpm' to weed out all the deps.  Here is list of the
JD> deps that I had to weed my way through to install rhythmbox:

You should be using yum not manually installing things with rpm if you
are pulling a bunch of packages from a repository.

JD> cairo-1.0.2-1.1.fc4.nr.i386.rpm dbus-glib-0.50-3.1.fc4.nr.i386.rpm
JD> glib2-2.8.5-1.1.fc4.nr.i386.rpm glitz-0.4.3-1.1.fc4.nr.i386.rpm
JD> gstreamer-0.8.11-1.1.fc4.nr.i386.rpm
JD> gstreamer-plugins-0.8.11-1.1.fc4.nr.i386.rpm
JD> gstreamer-tools-0.8.11-1.1.fc4.nr.i386.rpm
JD> gtk2-2.8.7-1.1.fc4.nr.i386.rpm iso-codes-0.46-1.1.fc4.nr.i386.rpm
JD> libgpod-0.3.0-1.1.fc4.nr.i386.rpm
JD> libnotify-0.3.2-1.1.fc4.nr.i386.rpm
JD> libpixman-0.1.5-1.1.fc4.nr.i386.rpm
JD> libsexy-0.1.6-1.1.fc4.nr.i386.rpm
JD> libsoup-2.2.7-1.1.fc4.nr.i386.rpm
JD> libwnck-2.12.3-1.1.fc4.nr.i386.rpm
JD> nautilus-cd-burner-2.12.3-1.1.fc4.nr.i386.rpm
JD> notification-daemon-0.3.3-2.1.fc4.nr.i386.rpm
JD> pango-1.10.3-1.1.fc4.nr.i386.rpm

JD> Problem 3: None, not a single one, was available from an official
JD> Fedora repository. I had to dig for all of them.

That's just a problem with Fedora FC-4 not rhythmbox.  Fedora FC-4
comes with rhythmbox 0.8 something and Fedora does not generally
upgrade major releases between releases, because of dependencies that
were introduced on the newer totem-plparser (they would have to
upgrade totem at the same time as well).

You could complain to the Fedora people and ask them to upgrade their
version of rhythmbox in the base distribution in FC-4 but they would
probably just say that FC-5 is just around the corner and has
rhythmbox in the base distribution.

The fact that the nrpms pulled in these other dependencies is because
the nrpms people are rebuilding everything against newer upstream
packages, and it drags rhythmbox along with it.  When you add a
repository that is bleeding-edge like this you are essentially
committing yourself to a whole new distribution, you can't just
cherry-pick packages you want and expect it to work.  Not much that
rhythmbox can do about that. ;-)

If you want the newer version without the extra dependencies, then you
are going to need to build it yourself from source, and as James
pointed out, the requirements there are relatively modest, you can
build on the gnome 2.10 platform (which FC-4 ships with), you really
only need the new totem-plsparser package.

My suggestion: grab the FC5 test 3 release and upgrade (you'll be
needing to do so at some point anyway).


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