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Christophe Fergeau ha scritto:

Le lundi 20 février 2006 à 15:16 +0100, Antonio-Blasco Bonito a écrit :

I would like to have an option to introduce a pausing time between songs like for example xmms does. Is it already available?

Why do you want a pausing time between songs? People generally want the
contrary (ie no gap at all ;), noone ever asked the contrary, so I'm
curious to know what your goals are.

I use music during a biodanza class. google biodanza if you are curious ;-)
I prepare a playlist where each music is related to a ceartain dance, but before each dance I have to talk a little bit. It is quite annoying to go back to the player to stop the music.
Now i'm using xmms but i would like to use rhythmbox because of its superior features of creating a music catalog.



I could eventually try to contribute it if I can get information about the relevant parts of the code to be modified.

Please answer directly since I'm not (yet) subscribed to the list

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