Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Re: Party Mode

Stefan Monnier wrote:
>>    * Disallow deleting, moving to trash, and renaming
>>    * Try to prevent accessing the rest of the desktop (or at least make it
>>      hard)
>>    * Requiring a password to exit this mode
>>    * Disallowing tag editing
> After all, you can already get that (and with a much better assurance that
> there's no undue security hole) by simply login in as another user (who only
> has read-access to the song library).

True, but it can be painful to keep the libraries in sync.  Hopefully
with folder monitoring this is no longer such a problem.

Do you think that users should be allowed to set ratings or delete items
from the library in party mode?

One thing I would find useful is being able to transfer ratings.  In
iTunes I can create an auto playlist to play only songs rated 4 or 5
stars, or tell it to play higher rated music more often.  This makes it
more like a jukebox of hits rather than just random playing of all my
music, including obscure 1 or 2 star songs from some of my albums. If
I'm running Rhythmbox as a different user to use party mode, I think
these ratings wouldn't be picked up.

Does double clicking on a song in iTunes in party mode queue it rather
than play it?  I hadn't noticed that feature, but it's a really good idea.

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