Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] suggestion

On 2/4/06, James Livingston <doclivingston gmail com> wrote:
> Rhythmbox has /some/ support for this, but it's far from perfect. If you
> are using GStreamer 0.8 and pass --enable-tag-writing to configure, then
> you can edit ID3 and Flac tags, but not others (e.g. vorbis tags).
The problem was when i used an external tagger, then i lost
rhythmbox's private info such as rating, playing count... Hopefully,
just tried it again and it doens't lose anymore :)
But one more problem from rhythmbox tagging feature: it seems
everytime i use rhythmbox to modify tags, it appends another id3v1 tag
at the end of file. But rhythmbox either just care id3v2 or the first
id3v1 block, it ignores the latest info it has written. That also make
it difficult for other taggers (i use id3v2 tool). It took me hours to
wonder why, no matter what i do with either id3v2 or rhythmbox tagger,
the tags just keep unchanged in rhythmbox. I have to remove id3v1
blocks and create a new id3v1 block.
I will turn off tag writing for now to prevent accidentally use it :P
Bi Cá Lao

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