[Rhythmbox-devel] Re: suggestion

>>>>> "JC" == Jeff Co  writes:

JC> I suggest being able to edit file metadata (author, title, track
JC> number, comment, etc) within the program. As of the moment, I have
JC> to run EasyTag to do the editing.  

This has been an outstanding request for some time now:


See also the FAQ:


The problem is that support for tag editing has only recently
available in gstreamer.  There is experimental support for tag editing
in rhythmbox using gstreamer 0.8 (you can compile it with
--enable-tag-writing), it sort of works but it is currently buggy
(probably due to underlying bugs in the gstreamer plugin id3tag):


gstreamer 0.10 support is also being ported, but relies on new
gstreamer plugins (id3mux) which, again have problems, see:


But it's getting closer.


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