Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Proposal for a common D-Bus interface for media players

I've stayed quiet because my DBus technical knowledge is only at a very high 
level; however, if this kind of suggestion can be implemented, I also think 
it makes a whole lot of sense.

It would also seem (the rest of this following from my assumption above) like 
in most cases you'd want all the generic, common functions in your own player 
object as well since they'd be a group of basic and useful functions.  So in 
general it seems like implementing the common interface shouldn't be much 
more difficult than implementing a player-specific DBus interface anyways 
(you could probably easily alias the generic functions to the same functions 
in the specific player object (or vice-versa) just by calling one from the 
other).  The hard part should only be figuring out *which* calls should be 


On Wednesday 06 December 2006 19:59, Milosz Derezynski wrote:
> Yeah, that, in fact, does very much make sense. As long as this player
> exposes the common specced interface on org.freedesktop.MediaPlayer, it'd
> be perfectly ok.
> This idea should be really taken under consideration. Anyone's other's
> comments on this?
> Milosz
> On 12/6/06, Brian Nickel <brian nickel gmail com> wrote:
> >  For running multiple media players, wouldn't it be easiest to have each
> > player have its own DBus object that implements the common library (with
> > their own player specific features on top) and in addition have a second
> > common DBus object "org.freedesktop.MediaPlayer" which points to the
> > object or contains the object (I have little knowledge of how DBus
> > works), so that when a player starts up it can launch its own DBus object
> > and then attempt to take control of the universal name. If it fails to
> > get the universal name, it will still work, but no calls to the universal
> > name will get to it, just direct calls to its own object.
> >
> > I hope that made sense.
> >

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