[Rhythmbox-devel] weird browser panel behaviour, and unneccesary import errors

I've noticed 3 minor issues that don't really seem to warrant bugs,

(I'm running current CVS, gstreamer 0.8, Ubuntu Breezy)

1) Every time rhythmbox starts up, the artists/albums browser gets a bit
bigger. I have to manually make it smaller every time, because if I
don't it will continue to grow until I can't see the track list anymore.
This has been happening for a while now.

2) In the "Import Errors" view, directories show up as import errors.
The message is: "/bla/bla" is a directory. Strangely, this only happens
sometimes. These messages aren't really import errors, and aren't
really relevant to the user, so they probably shouldn't be displayed.

3) Sometimes I've noticed the track slider does strange things.
Sometimes it only goes to the middle, and sometimes it goes to the end
before the track is done playing. I can't figure out what causes it , or
even when it does this, so I realize it's not very helpful, but I
figured I'd mention it anyway.

Adam Zimmerman <adam_zimmerman sfu ca>

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