Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Audio File Conversion

Sorry, forgot to cc the list.

On 4/18/06, Tom Kirby <tc kirby googlemail com> wrote:
> > Current CVS already has code to transcoding (converting to different
> > formats) as it's needed to support copying track to portable audio
> > players.
> On that particular subject, it would be good to transcode tracks to
> MP3 if they were being accessed over DAAP by a client that didn't
> support the format of the track. I'm glad to say that RB supports
> playing the remaining WMA files I have on my system from Windows days,
> but the same can't be said of certain DAAP client programs, e.g.
> iTunes.
> If we do implement this feature, I would recommend making it opitonal.
> My rationale for this is that if you're running DAAP on a large-ish
> network and lots of ppl are accessing your non-iTunes-compatible
> files, the transcoding process could use inordinate amounts of
> resources.
> The DAAP code could do with quite a bit more work (seeking still isn't
> implemented properly), and IMHO it should be moved to a plugin. Maybe
> something to tackle in my summer holidays when I'll have time to get
> familiar with the RB codebase...
> Sorry if my $0.02 is a bit long-winded... just had to get that one off
> my chest. Cheers ppl.

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