[Rhythmbox-devel] iPod news from CVS HEAD


Since the 0.9.4 release, a few notable changes to the iPod support have
went in:
* iPod support is now a plugin, to enable it you need to go to
Edit/Plugins and to enable the iPod plugin. After that you'll
unfortunately have to restart rhythmbox to get rid of the generic
removable media ipod source that decided to handle the iPod since no
plugin was taking care of that. After the restart, you should get the
usual iPod source
* you can set the name of the iPod (I think I'm not doing it the proper
way, and that iTunes may not see the name, but that's a start ;), and
you can also eject it (that unmounts it and gets rid of the "do not
disconnect" sign)
* and last but not least, you can now drag and drop songs from any(?)
source to the iPod, and it will properly be added to the iPod database.
You need to have passed --enable-track-transfer to configure for that to
work. Be aware that you can add the same songs as many times as you
want, there is no protection against that. The current code will also
let you add ogg/vorbis files as is to the iPod even if the device can't
play them. It has been working well enough for me in the last weeks to
let me copy mp3s of the new cds I bought to my iPod though.

Feel free to test that code and to report any bug you find, cheers, 


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