Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Post 0.9.4 UI stuff

> As usual, feel free to comment about any other UI-related stuff too.

My top 5 wish list for UI changes are=) :

[Bug 144181 – Playing-song-column wastes space --replace with colored line]

As William points out in the bug, it may not be a good idea to remove
the Play Now column completely. A check box in
Edit->Preferences->Visible Columns would I very much like to see.

[No bug filed - Use of radio buttons for search/filter type]
Here I would like to see regular radio buttons for the recently added
search options.

[Bug 320938 – Duration Info and Current Song Info in status bar]

Perhaps this bug should be more general, and suggest more use of the status bar?

I really like the status bar, and would like to see as much
information moved to it as possible =)

[No bug filed - Clicking on time toggles between remaining and played]
This clearly conflicts with the status bar bug, unless the status bar
can receive clicks.

[Bug 320936 – Edit->Preferences moved to View]

I am beginning to question this bug myself because of the recently
added "Tool button labels" option in Edit->Preferences. So this bug
just be closed?

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