Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Re: Post 0.9.4 UI stuff

> I'd appreciate it, if someone could take the time to look at #318579 [1]
> (Intelligent handling of Compilations/Various Artists/Mix-albums)
> For people with lots of compilations, this would improve the usability
> of the browser significantly. 
> eg. For my own simple use-case, I've got almost 4000 different artists
> listed in the Artist-view of the browser. I'd say over 90% of these are
> artists with 1-3 tracks on different compilations I've got, and it
> really clutters up the Artist-view for me, and makes it almost
> impossible to find artists with full albums/EP's when I wan't to listen
> to that. 

Seconded! This would be a brilliant addition, I'm in a very similar
position and spend ages scrolling through artists looking for someone
with a bunch of tracks to listen to...

Mark Hewitt
For a moment there, I thought we
were in trouble

Butch Cassidy

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