[Rhythmbox-devel] Re: Post 0.9.4 UI stuff

>>>>> "JL" == James \"Doc\" Livingston  writes:


JL> Choosing play orders --------------------


JL> Bug 163196[0] has a patch that turns the shuffle and repeat items
JL> under the Control menu into a submenu, with all the play
JL> orders. Also (potentially more controversially) it changed the
JL> toolbar items in the same way, piccy at [1].

JL> What do people think of this? Since it has to do something anyway,
JL> and a lot of people will probably try pressing it, I think we
JL> should make the toolbar button pop up a dialog with a list of all
JL> the play orders and good (a sentence or two) descriptions of them
JL> all.

I think it it would be useful, it definitely needs to be in the UI
somewhere, maybe it could appear if the icon was right-clicked or

JL> Add to Playlist menu item -------------------------


JL> Bug 323364[2] has a patch that adds a "Add to Playlist" submenu to
JL> the Edit menu and the context menu of the track list. It is
JL> dynamically filled with all the static playlists, and a "Create
JL> new playlist..."  item, piccy at [3].

JL> Would this be useful, or pointless?

+1 Very useful, makes it very much easier to quickly construct a
playlist this way, less mouse action (only needed for the right-click)
which makes it much better from an accessibility point of view.

JL> Of playlist track columns -------------------------

JL> Currently static playlists replace the normal track number column,
JL> with their own, which lists the order of tracks. Bug 329986[4] has
JL> a patch which returns the normal track number column, and makes
JL> the special column more obvious.

JL> Is this a good idea? Does the patch make the special column too
JL> different? Piccy at [5].

+1 Yep, good idea (no surprise there, since I wrote the patch ;-)) 
Probably I should dump the background colour change, because there
doesn't seem to be a good way to make it theme-independent.


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