[Rhythmbox-devel] Re: Unknown values

>>>>> "RB" == Rick Barnes  writes:

RB> Rhythmbox is a great and simple application...  There are two
RB> issues that I have with my current version,

RB> First the browser does not "find" any of the tags such as "Genre",
RB> "Artist" and "Album"...these are found by other apps, but not with
RB> Rhythmbox.

Are you saying that you can't see *any* tags in your files?  Or just
that they don't appear in the browser.  What kind of files, are they
mp3 or OGG?  You should check which version of the tags they are
writing.  Also the version of gstreamer you are using will affect
which tags can be read.

RB> Secondly there is no Pause button on the toolbar? There is a Play
RB> button, but no Pause. I find it necessary to pause music in the
RB> middle of my busy day to do various other tasks, but always I
RB> return to Rhythmbox.

The "play" button is a toggle switch: you "untoggle" the play button
to pause.


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