Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] ipod source patch

2005/9/18, Christophe Fergeau <teuf gnome org>:
> Hi,
> Attached to this mail is a patch against CVS HEAD which makes rhythmbox
> use libgpod to parse the iPod content. libgpod
> ( ) is a library based on gtkpod code
> which will be used by gtkpod in future releases. Using it in rhythmbox
> has the advantage of less code to maintain, but it adds an additional
> external dependency, that's why I'm sending this mail before committing
> this patch, to know if people have issue with that new dep.
> Incidentally, the patch should make rhythmbox display (read-only) ipod
> playlists.
> Christophe

Hello Christophe,

I tested your patch 2 days ago, all seems to work as expected.
I plugged my ipod, the device appears in RB,
I unplugged it, the device disappears without problem.


Baptiste Mille-Mathias

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