[Rhythmbox-devel] Rhythmbox and MPD


Could anyone here comment on MPD (http://www.musicpd.org/) from a
Rhythmbox point-of-view?  

Here is what has sparked my interest.  In my household music primarily
lives on a central server, which I access with Rhythmbox from various
computers via NFS or SSH.  My problem has been that unless these
connections are reliably maintained, Rhythmbox will start purging files
from its database.  Recent stable versions of Rhythmbox do not even seem
to support SSH, at least not the gnome-vfs flavor.

When songs have been lost from Rhythmbox, Rhythmbox must be instructed
to re-import, which can take forever.  Very uncool when showing off.

The MPD client-server model seems like an intriguing alternative
approach.  Unfortunately, the current crop of MPD clients are not
particularly inspiring, at least not for someone wired for Rhythmbox.
This leads me to the following question: Would it be possible for one of
the Rhythmbox "sources" to be an MPD server?  In other words, could
Rhythmbox provide its current functionality, while operating as an MPD
client?  Anyone?



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