Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Integration Patch #2

tor, 15,.09.2005 kl. 17.48 +0200, skrev Ruben Vermeersch:
> Hi all,
> I've made a second version of the (audioscrobbler) patch for
> rhythmbox. Improvements over the previous patch:
>  * Converted to libsoup (which DAAP uses too), no longer depends on
>    libcurl ( has been updated for this too)
>  * Cleaner (less duplicated) code, by making all HTTP requests
>    asynchronously.
>  * Nicer preferences dialog (by "Doc" Livingstone)
>  * No longer fills stdout
> And on top of it all, it even works! ;-)
> If anyone would like to review/test it (applies cleanly to HEAD), it can
> be found here:


This works absolutely great! Good work:)
Only missing radio support now ;)

Kristian Berg

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