Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Identify songs by Id, not by File path

On 9/13/05, James Livingston <jrl ids org au> wrote: 
> One possible way, is to check the metadata against existing songs in the
> library. If one track has the same filesize, duration and tags (title,
> artist, album, etc) as another which is hidden because it isn't present,
> then it is probably the same one. This would be reasonably quick,
> because the db can just go down the genre->artist->album hierarchy, and
> then check the rest of the metadata.
That's enough for me :) As for UI, when adding new songs, collect all
reusable metadata from existing songs and ask users whether they want
to reuse these metadata (with a list of appliable songs).  This would
allow people to skip this feature if they don't like.
Bi Cá Lao

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