[Rhythmbox-devel] Removable Media and Audio CDs

G'day everyone,

After some recent discussion with Christophe about my removable media
stuff (and the ipod port to it), I've fixed a few remaining problems and
committed it to cvs, so it can get used. If anyone is planning to work
on support for some other removable media, feel free to ask questions on
the list, via email or irc.

I've attached an updated audio cd patch which works applies to the
latest cvs. Audio CD support won't be in cvs until some more things get
sorted out, particularly:

1) Audio cds being reported as mounted by gnome-vfs is apparently a
linuxism (relying on HAL) - so I need to find a better way of doing
this, or some workaround for non-HAL systems. The first thing to check
is whether using gnome-vfs-drives would work.

2) The patch includes several Sound Juicer source files almost verbatim.
I had a quick chat with Ross Burton about whether we should have a
common library for musicbrainz lookup, that SJ, Rhythmbox and Totem
would share (either in libbacon, or something else), but we still need
to discuss that more.


James "Doc" Livingston 
"Jumpin' Jehosophat, you have to explain the error message to them, and
then you have to explain your explanation to them, and then you have to
hit them with a fucking brick, and they still might not shut the fuck
up." -- Alan J. Rosenthal in the monastery

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