Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] integration

On Tue, 2005-09-06 at 22:08 +0200, Ruben Vermeersch wrote:
> Now that is used for the link buttons, how about integrating
> with it natively? Make RB do audioscrobbler submissions natively,
> instead of the rbscrobbler app (which adds just another, pretty useless,
> tray icon)?

Although I'm not too worried about the extra tray icon, having it built
into RB would stop me forgetting to re-launch rbscrobbler whenever I log
out and back in.

> This would definitely be a kickass feature, hell, I'd even work on
> writing the code, if it would be used.
> So, do we want this? If I start writing it, would it get in (if deemed
> well-written), or is there some secret bloat-police with serious
> objections?

It sounds good to me. I don't know if we have secret
feature-bloat-police, but we have ui-bloat-police - and as this will
just add a preferences pane (ignoring recommendations et al) it
shouldn't be a problem.

For the prefs pane, I think it should have:
 * the enable/disable checkbox and username & password entries, duh.
 * a link to the Information and/or Signup page
 * a link to the Rhythmbox group[0], so people know about it


James "Doc" Livingston 


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