[Rhythmbox-devel] IPC in Rhythmbox 0.9.0

I'm currently working on getting Rhythmbox Applet [0] to play nicely
with Rhythmbox 0.9.0.  I've found that 0.9.0 make binary-incompatible
changes to the Bonobo interface, so an applet compiled against 0.8.8
won't work properly with 0.9.0, and vice versa.  Ideally, I'd like to
have the applet support both versions, which means coding an interface
targeted at the 0.9.x series.

The big question is, what's the preferred method for doing IPC with
Rhythmbox 0.9.x: Bonobo or D-Bus?  A cursory glance at the code suggests
the Bonobo interface is more featureful than the D-Bus one, but if D-Bus
is deemed to be The Future, I suspect my effort would be better aimed at
fleshing that out rather than coding for a deprecated interface.

I have noticed that 0.9.0 checks for D-Bus < 0.30.  Is this the version
of D-Bus that Rhythmbox is targetting, or was that just the version
available when the interface was written?  I notice D-Bus 0.50 was just
released; would it be better to target that, hoping there won't be many
changes between that and 1.0?  I don't know how much D-Bus's wire
protocol has changed between versions, but the GLib bindings certainly
have; I notice 0.9.0 seems to use the plain vanilla C bindings.

My main concern right now is figuring out where my effort would best be
applied for both Rhythmbox as well as Rhythmbox Applet.  Any guidance
would be appreciated.  Thanks.

[0] http://web.ics.purdue.edu/~kuliniew/rhythmbox-applet/

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