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Hi all,

First thanks to Charles for a work well done. Be proud of Your self!

>From the perspective of functionality I wonder if it is possible to add a configuration option to bind RB sharing to a specific port on the local host? I understand that a given port cant be assumed in a multiuser environment but given that option RH could at least try to bind to that port first and then fall back to bind to any free port.

If this is implemented than it will be possible to open that given port through a firewall on the local host or at any firewalls in between music browsers.

Has anyone of RB developer any insights that I'm not aware of concerning this that could prevent this functionality, please explain it to me (I'm not a GNOME-developer so...)


On Tue, 2005-09-06 at 15:33 +0200, Luca Ferretti wrote:
Il giorno mar, 06/09/2005 alle 03.57 -0400, Charles Schmidt ha scritto:
> -
> I committed music sharing to CVS this morning.  Changes from the last
> patch posted the ML are basically getting it working with the more
> recent changes to RB CVS and avahi mdns support (in addition to howl).

A first list of missing stuff :-)

* l10n/i18n: please add relevant files in po/, if any. I
still have to update my po file, so eventually ignore this. 

* libsoup support: I'm not sure, but GNOME 2.12 should use libsoup-2.4.
By now configure check only for libsoup-2.2.pc. Could you check for
libsoup-2.4 too? I suppose it should work.

* README.daap: could you add a README.daap file explaining needed stuff
and usage? If it's an experimental feature, we can't still add to user

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