Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Music sharing

Il giorno mar, 06/09/2005 alle 03.57 -0400, Charles Schmidt ha scritto:
> -
> I committed music sharing to CVS this morning.  Changes from the last
> patch posted the ML are basically getting it working with the more
> recent changes to RB CVS and avahi mdns support (in addition to howl).

A first list of missing stuff :-)

* l10n/i18n: please add relevant files in po/, if any. I
still have to update my po file, so eventually ignore this. 

* libsoup support: I'm not sure, but GNOME 2.12 should use libsoup-2.4.
By now configure check only for libsoup-2.2.pc. Could you check for
libsoup-2.4 too? I suppose it should work.

* README.daap: could you add a README.daap file explaining needed stuff
and usage? If it's an experimental feature, we can't still add to user

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