[Rhythmbox-devel] drag n drop

sorry to double my post - i felt maybe the first post was badly written.

is there already, or will there be, drag n drop support for dragging
folders onto RB from a filemanager?

i feel that this is something very useful in that it reduces the need
for a database refresh button etc.

if i copy a folder of music to my hd i could drag it onto RB straight
after. this would put the folder into the list of folders to import and
begin import.  also if the folder is dropped on a playlist or in the
empty area of source the content of the folder would be put in the
existing playlist or form a new playlist.

drag n drop is otherwise what people used to xmms (like me) might miss.

ps. if i have a collection of songs in a folder with no tag in common
this would be the only way i can play them...

since im new to posting - pls tell me if posts like these are helpful or
annoying to developers.

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