Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Bugzilla Roundup #1 (Fuzzy Matching and Tray Icons)

On Tue, 2005-10-25 at 18:13 +1100, James Livingston wrote:
> G'day everyone,
> I've been looking through bugzilla, and there are a couple of bugs (some
> with patches) that we should probably discuss and make some kind of
> decision on. There are only two in this post, because some of these
> issues will create a lot of debate, and I'll do more once we get these
> sorted out.
> Any comments about what you think we should do, or ideas for how best to
> do them, are appreciated.
> Bug 139196: "Fuzzy" matching for search box
> Currently the search box works by matching any songs where any of Title,
> Artist, Album or Genre contains the contents of the box. There are three
> main suggestions of how the search box's matching should be "fuzzy":
> 1) It should split the contents into words, and match if all the words
> are contained in any of those properties. e.g. "livi on" would match all
> the tracks from "Roll On" by "The Living End" (and possibly other
> things).
> 2) It should ignore punctuation and/or diacritical marks. Punctuation is
> easy enough, we could change from simple casefolding (making lowercase)
> to "search folding" which would also strip punctuation from strings.
> Ignoring diacritical marks is much more difficult; should "Die Ärzte" be
> matched by "ar" or "aer"?
> 3) Real fuzzy matching, that can ignore small differences in the
> strings, such as typos.

I vote for 3.

> The first attached patch (written by someone whose name I don't know)
> does 1, half of 2, and 3; whereas the second patch only does 1. My from
> quick tests, the second patch is actually faster than what RB does now,
> because it only goes through each entry once, rather than going through
> four times and them merging.
> If we want 1 (and possibly 2) I think the second patch should suffice;
> if we want 3, I think we should merge the two patches.
> Bug 158168: use of tray icon, and minimise to tray
> related bugs: 318629, 317982, 309104, 124829 and others
> This is a hotly debated topic; basically should we have a tray icon, and
> should closing the window minimise to it? The three real positions are
> 1) We shouldn't have a tray icon, because the notification area is only
> supposed to get used for notifications, not permanent apps. The HIG [0]
> says that we should have an applet, not a tray icon.
> 2) We should have a tray icon, and minimise when the close button is
> pressed. Several other applications, such as Gaim and Liferea, do this.
> 3) We should have a tray icon, but make the close button act normally.
> The minimise button minimises, so why do we want the close button to do
> that too.

I vote for 3.

> In regards to the issue of whether we should have a permanent tray icon,
> the HIG[0] explicitly says that non-core application must not default to
> having a permanent tray icon. One option is to add a "show tray icon"
> preference, and have it default to off. Another option would be to work
> with the developer(s) of the Rhythmbox applet, and promote it to an
> official part of Rhythmbox (removing the tray icon in the process).

Bollix to the HIG, its in need of an update anyways.

> My personal take on the close-minimises-to-tray policy is that the
> window already has a button to minimise Rhythmbox, so why do we want the
> close button to do that as well? However I know there are a lot of
> people who think differently.
> There have been quite a few people asking why Rhythmbox has moved to
> close-button-minimises policy, when other Gnome applications don't do
> this. In addition the package maintainer for one distro has said they
> they are considering patching their packages to reverse this, if we
> leave it in.
> [0]
> Hopefully we can come to some decision on these, so then we can move on
> to working through the others.

You should make this a weekly deal, maybe with a CVS commit wrap up too
or something.  "Whats new in RB this week, and what should we do next
week?" kind of deal.

> Cheers,
> James "Doc" Livingston
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