Fwd: [Rhythmbox-devel] radio

On 25/10/05, James Livingston <jrl ids org au> wrote:
> On Tue, 2005-10-25 at 11:13 +0200, Artem Baguinski wrote:
> > (1) time displayed in a tray icon's hint is some random "garbage", no?
> > not that radio time is relevant
> While it's buffering, I get "random" values; but after it has actually
> started playing, it tells me how long I have been playing the stream.
> Knowing how long you have been playing the stream might be useful (I
> don't use iradio much, so I'm not sure), but we should definitely have a
> better value when it's buffering - probably how much it has buffered.

oh, most of the time I have a value 16999:14:05 sometimes it blinks to
0:00 and restores. that made me suspect it was garbage. (that's grove
salad from soma.fm, rb from cvs)

> > (2) rb sees new songs on radios that send that information (btw how is
> > that done? is radio stream a single stream that just has tags packet
> > now and then, or is it a cat of streams?) Would have been nice if a
> > tray bubble with new song info appeared when new song's detected.
> Exactly how it works depends on what type of stream it is. Popping up a
> bubble when it changes shouldn't be too hard to do.


> > (3) if i drag an url onto rb and then play the radio it would discover
> > the title / genre. if I add the radio via menu it asks me to enter
> > them and won't even procede if i enter no title. i find that somewhat
> > inconsistent
> Yeah, you should probably be able to leave them blank and have RB fill
> them in.
> > (5) all radios in my list treat "genre" field as a sort of fuzzy space
> > delimited list. fuzzy because "Drum and Bass Jungle" is a list of two
> > entries. this clutters the genres list and more important makes it
> > pretty useless as each "genre" ends up representing singe radio. [I
> > use search atm to deal with that]. May be something could be done with
> > genres to solve this? will musicbrainz support address this maybe? I
> > don't have suggestions here.
> I noticed that when updating the default stations - only three genres
> have multiple default stations in them. I'm not too sure what to do
> about it though.

what's "deafult stations"? and what are default stations? ;-)

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