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On Tue, 2005-10-25 at 11:13 +0200, Artem Baguinski wrote:
> (1) time displayed in a tray icon's hint is some random "garbage", no?
> not that radio time is relevant

While it's buffering, I get "random" values; but after it has actually
started playing, it tells me how long I have been playing the stream.

Knowing how long you have been playing the stream might be useful (I
don't use iradio much, so I'm not sure), but we should definitely have a
better value when it's buffering - probably how much it has buffered.

> (2) rb sees new songs on radios that send that information (btw how is
> that done? is radio stream a single stream that just has tags packet
> now and then, or is it a cat of streams?) Would have been nice if a
> tray bubble with new song info appeared when new song's detected.

Exactly how it works depends on what type of stream it is. Popping up a
bubble when it changes shouldn't be too hard to do.

> (3) if i drag an url onto rb and then play the radio it would discover
> the title / genre. if I add the radio via menu it asks me to enter
> them and won't even procede if i enter no title. i find that somewhat
> inconsistent

Yeah, you should probably be able to leave them blank and have RB fill
them in.

> (5) all radios in my list treat "genre" field as a sort of fuzzy space
> delimited list. fuzzy because "Drum and Bass Jungle" is a list of two
> entries. this clutters the genres list and more important makes it
> pretty useless as each "genre" ends up representing singe radio. [I
> use search atm to deal with that]. May be something could be done with
> genres to solve this? will musicbrainz support address this maybe? I
> don't have suggestions here.

I noticed that when updating the default stations - only three genres
have multiple default stations in them. I'm not too sure what to do
about it though.


James "Doc" Livingston
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