[Rhythmbox-devel] tools/scripts to manipulate the rhythmdb.xml file?

I have through various means and methods and thanks to some tricks with
filesystem links wound up with a rhythmdb.xml file which has duplicate
entries (albeit with different "location"s) which I would like to merge.

For example:

  <entry type="song">
    <title>The night comes down</title>
    <artist>Queen</artist>     <album>Queen I</album>


  <entry type="song">
    <title>The night comes down</title>
    <album>Queen I</album>

These are really one and the same, just different links to the same
file.  I would like to merge those two entries, removing the location
with the "mp3s" in it and taking the most recent last-seen, the least
recent first-seen, adding the two play-counts, etc.

I am pretty handy with scripting, just not so familiar with XML in
either of Perl or Python (preferred) and not quite getting the XML
functions to return the data I want.

Does anyone have anything in either perl or python (again the latter
preferred) cooked up already to read the rhythmdb.xml file so I can hit
the ground running with this project?


My other computer is your Microsoft Windows server.

Brian J. Murrell

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