[Rhythmbox-devel] Play queue patch #0.87

Here's another update to the play queue patch:

It's still missing a few things:
 - adding songs to the queue from the commandline
 - storing and displaying some history for the play queue

Changes since the last patch:
 - Problems with random play orders fixed (warnings, podcast crashes)
 - Enable doubleclicking on queue sidebar entries
 - Store queue sidebar height in gconf
 - Enable song info and delete menu items for sidebar queue entries
 - Fix crashes when deleting the playing song from the queue
 - Fix crashes when ejecting audio CDs (well, that's what my notes say..
   I don't remember what I did and I can't find anything obvious in the
 - Even more stuff removed from RBEntryView

Problems I can't be bothered fixing at the moment:
 - Sometimes the previous/next buttons get disabled when playing
   directly from the queue, if the queue finishes playing while you've
   got another source selected.  Or something.  Easily worked around by
   selecting the queue and then another source.


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