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Is there a reason why the rhythmbox central archive
<http://web.rhythmbox.org/arch/2004> is so outdated? Last patch is from January 2005

I personally like to use jhbuild to try out bleeding edge software and jhbuild is currently using that outdated archive.

I know that there are multiple archives of people which contain more recent patches. E.g. I read overhere [1] that it was better to use
Archive: olemke core-dump info--2005
Branch: rhythmbox--merge--0.9

But how do I know as a newbie which archive I should use? The above archive for instance is not listed on the website.

I might be missing something because I'm not so familiar with arch development, but I guess it will difficult to do a release now. Because you have all this archives with different features and patches, which have not been approved by the maintainer of rhythmbox.

It seems to me it would be better to commit changes faster to the main archive. These changes would get more testing and you don't need to postpone all the decisions until just before a release.



[1] http://mail.gnome.org/archives/rhythmbox-devel/2005-May/msg00148.html

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