[Rhythmbox-devel] Bonobo interface in rhythmbox-0.9


First of all, big thanks to Jonathan for the queuing stuff!!!
Great work.

rb-0.9 seems too be in pretty good shape lately. There's only one thing
which prevents me from switching to it completely: It looks like the
bonobo interface is broken which makes it impossible to use rbscrobbler
with rb-0.9. This also applies to the commandline options:

# rhythmbox --print-playing

** (rhythmbox:19901): WARNING **: An exception occured 'property not

Is this a bug or is there still work to be done? I quickly looked at the
source and all the necessary code seems to be there.

And finally, as we all love screenshots, here's a shot of my current rb
using a merge of the playbin, queue and coverart branches:


Lovely. :-)

so long,

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