[Rhythmbox-devel] editing ogg comments

I try to understand when and why rhytmbox modifies the Ogg Vorbis
comments of a song.

I think I first tried to right-click at a song in rhythmbox and chose
"properties". Although the comments looked editable ( the cursor was
blinking ), pressing any keys didn't change the comments.

After that I managed to change the comments with konqueror instead. I
doublechecked with the command "vorbiscomment -l" to see that the change
had really occured.

Somehow afterwards the comments were set back to the old values. I
suspect rhythmbox did this without giving any notice of it.

Sorry about not giving that detailed information but could it be
possible that rhythmbox is setting the comments back to their old

ps. I have rhythmbox 0.8.8 running on fedora core 3 linux. ds

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