[Rhythmbox-devel] feedback

Hi all,
I've been using Rhythmbox for about half a year now (0.8.8 on Ubuntu
Hoary), and am liking it a lot.  But certain things have been bugging
me.  I'm guessing you all probably have lots of plans for improvement,
but I figured it couldn't hurt to give my >two cents...

1. I seriously need the ability to search by folder/path.  An
automatic playlist based on my ~/download/music-folder would be
amazingly wonderful... as it is now, it's pretty painful to make a new
playlist of these songs each time.

2. When I add extra songs to a playlist, the song which was playing, 
stops.  Annoying.  This also happens on moving around the song which
is playing in a playlist.

3. The column-titles resize really strangely, and resizing in most
cases is extremely unhelpful.  I'm sure this is something related to
another package, but it's got to be possible to improve this?

4. The song-scroller should update only on mouse-release (or at least
have an option for this), Winamp-style.  Having it skip like that just
sounds ugly on my old computer.

5. The program remembers filtering on start-up, making my library seem
half-empty.  Very confusing upon first encounter, and serves no useful
purpose (although I guess a (perhaps optional) Recent Searches
drop-down wouldn't hurt).  Another thing which would certainly help,
is if there were a shortcut/button to clear filters (select All
artists, All albums, no Search-filter).

6. Feature idea: When a song is playing, most times I don't want any
info on the artist from the net, but might want to see what other
songs there are from the artist/album in my library. How about an
option for letting those links go to an artist/album-filtered list?

A little id3-editing would also be nice (I know EasyTag does the job
really well, but sometimes, well, it'd be nice to just quickly fix a

That's all I could think of right now. Thanks for an otherwise really
useful (and well-translated) piece of software =D

Kevin Brubeck Unhammer

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