[Rhythmbox-devel] Specify RhythmDBEntryType to rhythmdb_add_uri

Hello all,

The rhythmdb has the rhythmdb_add_uri function that will add a uri
(recursively) to the rhythmdb.

For my storage based player, being able to load the songs from a uri
would be VERY useful, however there is not at present a way to specify
the entry type when adding the uri.

Because the code works by adding items to the action and event queues, i
can't think of a clean way to specify the event type when adding a uri.

At present i'm enumerating the directory and calling rhythmdb_entry_new
for each one, which doesn't perform well nor act properly in the ui.

Any ideas on how to implement specifying an entry type to
rhythmdb_add_uri? i'm happy to implement it but i don't know how i
should go about it.


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