[Rhythmbox-devel] Problem with faac encoded m4a files

I can't get Rhythmbox to play m4a files encoded with faac. m4a files
encoded with iTunes work, and the faac files play on my iPod Shuffle,
and in AmaroK and XMMS.

I am using Fedora Core 4 on x86, and have installed all the plugins and
decoders with yum. faac is compiled from sources, as the rpm does
not have mp4 support.

The -d option tells me the files are identified as video/quicktime
instead of audio/x-m4a (what I see for an iTunes encoded file):

[0x91f5a58] [rb_metadata_load] rb-metadata-gst.c:468 (23:57:25): loading metadata for uri: file:///home/gunnar/ai/American_Idiot.m4a
[0x91f5a58] [rb_metadata_gst_typefind_cb] rb-metadata-gst.c:421 (23:57:25): found type video/quicktime
[0x91f5a58] [rb_metadata_gst_load_tag] rb-metadata-gst.c:360 (23:57:25): uri: file:///home/gunnar/ai/American_Idiot.m4a tag: title

--gst-debug-level=5 produces a 1.2 MB logfile, that is a bit hard to make
sense of. Gstreamer seems to understand that it is an audio file, until it
suddenly is a video.

Is this a Rhythmbox problem or a Gstreamer bug? Has anybody had any similar


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