[Rhythmbox-devel] PCMCIA Sound Card

I have some question and I don't know where to place them. So
maybe they are off topic in this list (big sorry).... 
When I compile the Alsa Drivers without OSS support I have the
following error message when I try to play a song with rhythmbox:
>>> Device "/dev/dsp" does not exist <<<
As soon as OSS support is enabled the error disappears. gstremaer is
configured with 'alsasource' and 'alsasink'.
When I play a song with rhythmbox over my PCMCIA card there is a
background noise (two times) before the song starts playing, which I
can not hear when I use BMP (beep-media-payer).
My setup:
- Debian Sarge with self compiled kernel 2.6
- Echo Indigo Soundcard (PCMCIA)
- Build In Soundcard (ESS 1978)
- Self compiled Alsa Drivers and Firmware 1.09
Any suggestions?

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