[Rhythmbox-devel] Storage based mp3 players

Hello all,

I had posted to the list earlier on implementing support for flash based
mp3 players. I apologise for the delay, work and uni had both gotten in
the way.

I have had a brief time to browse the rb source however, and wanted some
opinion on how to go about implementing support for flash players.

My idea is that i develop a source akin to the ipod source, however with
the ability to connect more than one device.

>From what i understand this would require creating sources and adding
them at run time in addition to them being added in known_sources.

Something which i do not completely understand is that the ipod source
seems to create its own item type. How should i proceed when there could
be an arbitrary number of players connected?


p.s. i have not worked with GObject before save through the GLIBmm
wrappers (which essentially hides all GObject details any way) so if
anyone has a reference on how to do inheritance with GObject I'd
appreciate it.

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