Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Segfault on merge branch (patch 123)


On Wed, 2005-06-01 at 20:36 +0200, Baptiste Mille-Mathias wrote:
> Hello 
> the branch merge (patch 123) of Rhythmbox freeze on start:
> (gdb) run
> Starting program: /home/crevette/fake/bin/rhythmbox
> [Thread debugging using libthread_db enabled]
> [New Thread -1223035200 (LWP 12705)]
> [New Thread -1225380944 (LWP 12708)]
> [New Thread -1233773648 (LWP 12709)]
> Program received signal SIG33, Real-time event 33.
> [Switching to Thread -1233773648 (LWP 12709)]
> 0xffffe410 in __kernel_vsyscall ()

Please put

handle SIG33 nostop noprint

in your ~/.gdbinit to prevent gdb from stopping on real-time events.
Then regenerate the backtrace. I think here it didn't stop where the
error happened.

> In console I've this ouput:
> *** glibc detected *** free(): invalid pointer: 0x080d7c8f ***

Does this only occur if you use your already existing
~/.gnome2/rhythmbox/ or also if you remove it?

so long,

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