Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] [patch] music as desktop service

On Thu, 2005-07-07 at 09:53 +0200, Christophe Fergeau wrote:
> Le mercredi 06 juillet 2005 Ã 20:14 -0400, Colin Walters a Ãcrit :
> > > Christophe (who isn't a big fan of "the close button doesn't really
> > > quit")
> > 
> > Ok, so...why is it you feel that way?  
> To answer your second mail, I haven't tried the patch yet. What annoys
> me with hiding the window instead of closing it is that you then have to
> remember how each app behave when you click the close button 

I think the way to think of Rhythmbox after this patch is that it's no
longer an application; it's simply a part of your desktop, like eggcups
or NetworkManager.  I don't think of the eggcups or NetworkManager icons
as applications; when I click on their icons I just do some short
interaction with the menu, then close it.  Just think of the Rhythmbox
main window as a big menu.

In fact, if we add this patch I might like to go further and move menu
items like "Preferences" and "Help" into the tray icon.

> Speaking of muine, I just remembered what it was doing last time I
> tried, the close button was really quitting muine, but the tray icon had
> a "hide window" menu item. I prefer this behaviour I think.

Why is "really quitting" so important?  What does it mean in user
interface terms?  Just that it disappears from your task list?  Or is
that it stops playback?

> Once again, I haven't tried the patch, and I'm only explaining why I
> don't like much overriding the close button behaviour, if most people
> feel it's the right thing to do, I won't go crazy about that ;)

One thing that I should mention is that "Quit" is still available.  So
if you were used to using Ctrl-Q to end Rhythmbox, that still works.
But yes, this change is a problem for people who had existing workflow
with Rhythmbox.  In the end though I think existing users will
understand and adjust to the change.

I think like you I also used to use the close button of Rhythmbox to
stop playback.  But I've already started adjusting my workflow to use
the "Stop" button for that.

> Glad to read mails from you on rhythmbox-devel btw ;)

Good to be back :)

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