Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] interface changes

On Tue, 2005-05-24 at 11:48 -0400, William Jon McCann wrote:
> Hi,
> I've made a few small UI changes in my archive.  The result looks like:
> <>


> What problems do these changes solve?
>   * The shell-player did not scale well to large font sizes
> 	The song title, arguably the most interesting thing on the screen, is 
> almost always ellipsized.  This indicates that more horizontal space is 
> required for this text.

Hm, I don't typically have this problem, but I suppose my screen
resolution (1600x1200) is at the upper range.

>   * The song position slider was essentially useless since the 
> granularity was so large
> 	This is a serious problem for long songs, such as full CD DJ mixes or 
> orchestral pieces.

Yeah, I can imagine that, although I don't have either kind of song.

>   * The vertical position of the play/pause, previous, next, and volume 
> buttons would vary depending on font size and whether the "From %s by 
> %s" subtitle was shown

Definitely a problem.

>   * Removed use of broken GnomeUrl links
> 	The search url doesn't work in firefox.  The searching is broken by 
> design since you don't want to search individually for artist and album 
> you want to search with the terms combined.  
> The links colors were not 
> themeable. The ellipsizing was broken.  etc.

Hmmm...these all sound like bugs, not necessarily a reason to remove the
search.  We've talked about doing cooler things with the links too; for
example the link could be to a live wiki/yarrr page about that band
where you can see who else is listening to that band at the time
(similar to the search party bounty).

>   * Use GtkStatusBar with grippy
> 	This makes it substantially easier to resize the window.

Good fix, although it seems to me this could have been done in the
existing UI too, modulo implementation details.

>   * Removed check box options from the status bar
> 	These options take up too much space on the status bar.  They limit the 
> minimum possible width of the window.  They reduce the space available 
> for status messages.  They clutter the interface.  It isn't clear that 
> it is natural to look to the status bar for control elements.

The suggestion of having them in the toolbar makes sense to me.

Anyways...I think this work overall is good.  Bastien/Christophe, any

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