Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] AudioCD Support

Le mercredi 12 janvier 2005 à 18:48 -0800, Matt Jones a écrit :
> I've been working on AudioCD support for rhythmbox, and have gotten
> pretty far (I think). Rhythmbox can load cd's from an arbitrary device
> (assuming hal (if enabled)/gnomevfs can find it). 

Ok, I tested it a bit (I needed the patch at to successfully
compile it, and it seems to be missing a check for musicbrainz). But the
main problem is that it doesn't detect the audio cds I insert ;) It's
compiled without hal, and actually I don't think monitoring
mounted/unmounted volumes can work to detect audio cds...



> Issues that need to be fixed (that I know of - please, send in any more
> that you find/think of)
> * It can handle insertions of cds at runtime. ejects crash it, but I'm
> working on figuring that out. * It uses the first album found by music
> brainz - even if multiple albums are discovered. I might grab code from
> sound juicer to prompt the user, but I'm not sure yet.
> * I haven't tested it without network access
> * It doesn't set the source name to the CD title
> * Probably a billion other things I haven't thought of
> The archive is available at
> The archive name is mattjones berkeley edu--2005
> The code is in the rhythmbox--main--0.9 branch (I know, it should be in
> something like rhythmbox--audiocd--0.9, but i have no idea how to rename
> it, and I don't want to lose the patch history)
> My gpg key is A783AA84
> Hopefully it works (but I give no guarantees)
> --Matt Jones
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