Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Opinions

On Fri, 2005-02-25 at 03:14 -0300, Alvaro Muñoz wrote:
>I just wrote this on the IRC channel. I hope someone reads it..
>"I just came here to tell some ideas, so I hope people read this 
>whenever they can...
>I think rhythmbox is not a "everyday" use media player.

>Maybe because im used to the "eject" button. Have you ever thought about 
>setting the Library aside from a playlist? The library could have some 
>configured directories from where to read the files.
>The user could then select the author or album he wants to play just by 
>double clicking on it. This would place the album/selected songs in the 
>main playlist.

>An eject button would allow the user to clear the main playlist, add 
>some songs (just those songs) without adding them to the library. That 
>way, the library is not considered as some kind of playlist.
>I say this because my family has had a lot of problems just playing a 
>song in rhythmbox. A double click on the song isnt enough. Selecting 
>several songs and then "right-click > play" doesnt work neither. The 
>"main playlist" along with an "eject" button would be a very nice idea 
>to implement. I hope it gets implemented on future versions :)"
It is possible to use rhythmbox in a one-playlist fashion like this:
Drag and drop an album or some songs from the library to always the same
playlist, they will get appended, and double-click the playlist to play
from it.
The clear playlist thing could be done easily with a select-all and
delete if only the delete key would work (bug?).

The other way to use rhythmbox is as a jukebox - when you're near it,
selecting artists and albums from the library is enough to let them get
played when the last song is over, provided it is not playing from a

The drag-and drop an artist/album/genre part works with a patch I made
recently (, and I think
isn't included yet.

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