[Rhythmbox-devel] Opinions

I just wrote this on the IRC channel. I hope someone reads it..

"I just came here to tell some ideas, so I hope people read this whenever they can...
I think rhythmbox is not a "everyday" use media player.
Maybe because im used to the "eject" button. Have you ever thought about setting the Library aside from a playlist? The library could have some configured directories from where to read the files.
The user could then select the author or album he wants to play just by double clicking on it. This would place the album/selected songs in the main playlist.
An eject button would allow the user to clear the main playlist, add some songs (just those songs) without adding them to the library. That way, the library is not considered as some kind of playlist.
I say this because my family has had a lot of problems just playing a song in rhythmbox. A double click on the song isnt enough. Selecting several songs and then "right-click > play" doesnt work neither. The "main playlist" along with an "eject" button would be a very nice idea to implement. I hope it gets implemented on future versions :)"

-Alvaro Muñoz

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