[Rhythmbox-devel] High CPU usage


I just compiled rhythmbox from CVS with gstreamer-0.8. When playing its
CPU usage goes up to 90-95 percent. There's no flood of output when
running with the -d switch, though. The CPU is about as high when the
music is paused. When i shut down it will hang, still using all my cpu.
The last debug output:
[0x811a3a8] [rb_shell_finalize] rb-shell.c:872 (16:40:19): shutting down
[0x811a3a8] [rhythmdb_shutdown] rhythmdb.c:640 (16:40:19): 2 outstanding

Otherwise I like the way rhythmbox is shaping up. I'd love to see some
integration of "get info on the internet" into the UI (Album covers
\o/). Also, I can't right click in my library to get artist/album info,
I have to play the song first.

Oh, and the search filter seems a lot faster than it used to be. Nice!


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