[Rhythmbox-devel] some feedback for current cvs

Hi All,

Its been a good while since I've got around to downloading the current
cvs and playing with it and its looking very nice!

But I have some feedback (all this on FC4):
- Not sure if its because I've now got a rpm for libgpod and hence my
ipod support back or something else (am yet to actually plug it in :-)
but it seems to lock up regularly unless its started straight after
login with large cpu usage. I removed my ~/.gnome2/rhythmbox dir. This
seems to improve once you've added something to the library with it
working at least one out of two.
- if there's no net connectivity it lables an Audio CD something like
Unknown Title whereas if it has net access it calls it Audio CD while
looking up the name and then the Title. In the former it should call
it Audio CD as I think it looks cleaner.
- It doesn't seem to cache this info. If I re-insert it later with out
a net connection it comes up the same. It'd be cool to query/use
~/.cddb too like some other apps use.
- audio cd detection doesn't always seem to work. Its fine if the cd
is in on startup of the app but if I eject it and push it back in its
not detected. This could actually be the OS/hal though as it doesn't
always run the default player at the same time.
- sometimes when moving between sources you need to double click to
get it to play (when another source is playing) sometimes its triple

There's a couple of other things that I haven't worked out exactly
what causes it, as I play more I'll let you know. It is looking very
nice though. Is it planned to get the next stable version out in time
for gnome 2.14?


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